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Dreamy Painting Hues

Do you long for a bedroom that’s a sanctuary, a peaceful space just for you? Paint can be your magic wand in transforming any room into a restful retreat. You can discover painting tips below that will set the stage for relaxation and rejuvenation. Get some insights from expert providers of a quality painting service below!

First Impressions Start at the Door

An oft-neglected space, your bedroom door sets the mood before you even enter the room. Why not give it some attention? Soothing shades like sage green or soft lavender can start your decompression process right from the threshold.

Harmony on the Walls

The main walls of your bedroom are your canvas for relaxation. Cool colors like blues, greens, and purples often inspire feelings of calm. Lighter tints can expand a room, giving it an airy feel, while darker shades can envelop you in coziness.

Ceiling: The Overlooked Fifth Wall

Don’t let your ceiling become a blank afterthought. Light shades of blue can give the impression of a sky overhead, inviting your eyes to look upward and your mind to wander. Conversely, a darker hue can give the space a cocoon-like intimacy that is equally restful.

Accenting the Calm

Accent walls are not just for living rooms or kitchens; they can be perfect in a bedroom, too. A solitary wall in a pattern or a contrasting color can add depth to the space. Subdued patterns like stripes or simple geometric shapes can add interest without overwhelming the senses.

Fine-Tuning with Trim

Baseboards, window frames, and moldings often get ignored in bedroom paint schemes. However, they offer a great opportunity to bring balance to your color choices. Consider painting trim a shade lighter or darker than your walls to bring a cohesive, yet dynamic feel to the room.

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